Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Craft Closet

Seems like I have been working on my craft closet for months and months now.. wait. I know its been months. But I think I finally have it organized and functioning properly. 
Remember the burlap pegboard I put in there from the scraps left over from my gift wrap station?

I finally have it nice enough to show you what I did.
 I hung rolls of contact paper just like I did with my wrapping paper station. I use the vinyl in my Cricut.

The Cricut is just underneath it and on the wall next to the pegboard are the mats. They are hanging on some Command hooks. Love those things!

Next to the contact paper are my scissors, hole punch, and pliers/jewelry pliers. 
I bought some silver buckets in the dollar section at Target and hung them on some pegboard hooks. One holds Sharpies, pencils, pens and the other holds foam brushes. Just a couple more pegboard hooks next to that for miscellaneous stuff. 

On the opposite side from the Cricut, on my craft dresser, I have a cheap pan holder (I dont know the real term) I got at Big Lots. You know the things you put in your cabinet to divide and hold pans upright? Well it is holding my paper cutters and a pan :) Its a crappy pan that I figured would come in handy for crafts or something. Just behind it you can see my curtain rod paper hanger.
I glued down a tape measure to the front edge of the dresser. I have had it forever and have always hated rolling it up. I figured this would be the perfect place for it and with the ribbons in a drawer just below, it is!
I emptied out the crap from the dresser drawers and did a lot of organizing. Two drawers hold beads and beading stuff, one the ribbons, and the other three are miscellaneous junk. I bought some drawer dividers for a couple bucks on clearance at Michaels and used them in 2 drawers. Its nice because it keeps little things contained nicely.
The opposite wall from my mini fabric bolts got a little organization too. This makes me so happy! Oh how I love organization! You can see my old...um... what are those things called? That gray thing in the right of the picture? Anyways you find it in the workshop, usually with nuts and bolts and nails and screws in it. Well, in my craft closet it comes in handy for sharp x-acto knives and razors and pins and little bitty stuff.
Looking way up in the closet right next to the ceiling is all of my yarn. I have 8 of those cardboard file boxes full of yarn. I separated them all by weight (or tried to) and labeled the boxes by weight and the newer number system, e.g. medium weight-4 . Many of my yarns were not marked so I guessed. Marking it by weight and number makes it easier if I use an old pattern also. These boxes go all the way around the top shelf. One day I may cover them in a cute fabric or paper, but for now this does nicely.
See the blue bins just below that? The first picture up top shows them also. They just hold trim, lace, huge rolls of ribbon, some knitting/crochet supplies, and also my "Your Story" that came free with my Cricut is up there. 
I guess that about does it! 
Whew! That was a long post. Thanks for sticking it out to the end.

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