Thursday, January 15, 2009

I have been super busy trying to get my house all organized. I love organization. It keeps me happy and as sane as can be. I have been trying to work on bits and pieces of the house, but then I get side tracked and all of a sudden I have more projects than I want all fighting for my attention. This first set of pictures is my garage. I got all my Christmas stuff out on Thanksgiving day and there it sat all messy in my garage. I couldn't even park in there. I know some of you are like... so what! I have never parked in my garage.. aren't they for storage anyways?

Ya but we had ours
built bigger than normal so that both our cars and our junk could fit. Plus once you go from
parking in a nice dry and warm garage to a wet, cold, windy... well you get it. Anyways I am so glad to be back in my parking spot. Looks much better huh? I was able to weed out some junk that I didn't use, throw away those darn Christmas lights that only half work, and sweep up some serious dirt from the floor. This half of the garage is done. Now my husbands half is quite nasty, but I refuse to do that side.

My sewing room was another one of those rooms you don't really want to go into. I would feel all crafty, then take one look at my room and all of a sudden not want to craft anymore. I finally got bold enough to face this room. I also did some purging in here too. Cant believe all the little piddly things I had, that didn't get used! Now everything has a nice place and a label, and its clean! Oh.... that's where I put my treadmill!

(inside the closet with some organization)

This is my laundry room all nice and neat. I wish I had a before picture of it...... ewwwwwwwww. It was bad. One solution I have started using to make laundry day easier is this. Everyone now gets a zippered laundry bad that they put their own socks into. I zip, toss in the washer and drier, and then no having to waste time on separating socks. This has helped out alot.

Here are some future projects to do. My closet... ya.. embarrassing I know. Its a poorly lit, poor design. I don't care for it, and I tend to let it get all messy. I step into it every day and say... boy I sure need to clean this up. Then I quickly forget and well... do the same thing again next time I go in there.

Then there is my door from the garage into the house. Yes, its been partly painted for about 2 years now. My sister Katie was suppose to paint it while she was here, but that didnt happen either. I need to do this before summer, so I can leave the door open while it dries. And I cant do it in the winter.... too cold. See my dilemma?

Guess that's about it. Now go out there and clean your garages and organize your house. I promise once its all done you will feel so much better!