Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My new favorite Bible verse

So I was looking through my old Bible. The one I had as a teenager. It is about 19 years old, a "pretty" lake blue, bonded leather, having random birth records (including an old boyfriend), silver edges, everything highlighted (especially the Love chapter), worn edged, KJV Bible.
I started skimming through it to see what I had underlined as a teenager, you know, all that was important to me. Well I came across a verse in Proverbs that I had forgotten all about and got a great laugh out of. It has become my new favorite Bible verse. I have posted it on my fridge dry-erase board, and hope my family will memorize it. Especially my husband and daughter and random family members. So here it is in The Message version, because the KJV had too many -eth's and thou's

Proverbs 27:14

If you wake your friend in the early morning
by shouting "Rise and shine!"
It will sound to him
more like a curse than a blessing.


I LOVE God's sense of humor!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Straight To Curly

I was born with very straight blond hair. I imagine it stayed so blond because I was always playing outside in the Florida sun. In the summer time it would turn green from swimming in the pool.
Here is me (right) when I was younger with my blond, straight hair. Yep I was a fatty, but oh so
cute. I am the baby on the Ollie. That's my brother John in his tidy whiteys

I kept that straight blond hair for most of my childhood. Here I am at the left at about 11 years old or so.

You all know how the 90's went with the perms and the big ole hair and ...... shall we say less than natural makeup. Well Here is me with my perm... Now I know you ain't laughin' at me! You know you had the big hair and tight rolled jeans too.

The perm eventually grew out (Hallelujah) but then it was mostly fluff.
I went through several years of bad hair. This is me (left) about a year before I married. 14 years ago.

I don't know what happened to me. Maybe it was hormones from having children. That's my best guess, but here within the past few years my hair has decided to curl. Being a straight haired girl most of my life, I had no idea what to do with it. It has taken me awhile, but recently I decided to go some Googling. As you have probably found out from these few posts, I am a nerd who loves Google. Anyways I came across several sites just for curly haired individuals. Early this year I got my first haircut by a lady trained to cut curly hair. It made a huge difference in the feel and weight of my hair. Still I had no idea about the care of my curls, since apparently they have different needs than normal hair. Love that.. of course I am not normal. In my search I found several individuals who decided to become "Curly Girls" wondering what that was of course I Googled that. I found out there is a book out there teaching girls what to do with their curly hair, so of course I got it on eBay and a month ago tried what they had to say----Say no to shampoo . I know....gross right? Well I do clean my hair, just not with shampoo and all the detergents it has in it. I use a GOOD conditioner that has no silicone products that weight down the curl, and doesnt have water as the main ingredient. Thats only because I dont want to pay for water when I am already putting that in my hair when I wash. Since I take a shower at night, I just add some gel or cream ( no silicones here either) and let it air dry. Something that should be done anyways. Curly Girls get rid of your hair drier and brushes and straightening iron. In the morning I just spray some water (with lavender oil added for fun) , and scrunch and dry. It is so crazy easy to do my hair. I LOVE it! I wont bore you with what the book says. If you want to try the method buy it or borrow it. I want you to see my results so far. I have only been doing this for a month so far. No one has said I smell either.

Here I am on the first day of using no-poo conditioner.

Here I am a month later. It feels more bouncy and is more manageable. Though I am discovering curly hair does what it wants to most of the time, and weather makes a big difference. Its kinda frizzy because its been humid and its kinda crispy today.... not oily!

Kinda hard to see from the pictures, especially the back of the head ones, its rather hard to take those shots. There is a good difference to me though in the way it feels, looks and behaves. I haven't had anyone say so, but then no one notices when I wear glasses either. Oh well!