Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Confessions Of A Sheet Snob

I'm a sheet snob. There. I said it. I like my sheets all cotton, and at least 500 thread count. Even at 500tc, depending on the color, it can get a little itchy. I wasn't always this way. Thanks to a couple of family members for ruining my frugal side the past 10 or so years. In my earlier years I could get away with cheap Wal-mart sheets. Not anymore. Sad thing is they are expensive. Its so sickening, and at $60 or so a set (on sale with a coupon) you hope they will last forever. Only they don't. And a few weeks ago a very sad thing happened. My fitted sheet got a small hole which I thought to just sew shut. Well, that didn't work and the next night the stitching let out a hearty guffaw and formed into a 6 inch rip. Useless now, I broke out my backup, not as soft, fitted sheet and decided to use it until it wore out.

Here is a picture of my bedroom before I re-arranged it and stenciled the wall. Why? Because its about time for a picture and a picture of a torn sheet is just dumb and while I am at it you might as well see the changes I made. Stay tuned.
Seriously wanting to buy a new set now, but trying to stay on budget and getting sick of the thought of spending a lot on sheets when the kids just shot up in size and need new jeans more than I need sheets, I gave up on the idea. (that was probably about 10 sentences all in one but I am not fixing it) One day I was in Target and decided to see what kind of expensive sheets they had. I came across their organic sheets, which I had heard from another sheet snob,  are very soft even though they are a  low thread count. I really didn't need a whole set though and some of the reviews I had seen online weren't the best. Plus, I technically only need a fitted sheet..even though I will cringe every time I get into bed and the sheets don't all match. Right next to the organic sheets were open stock (?) sheets and pillowcases in all sorts of colors. They were 300tc ..hmmmm.. but, wow! they were super soft! Hubby gave me the go-ahead and I went and bought a white fitted sheet.
I feel untrue to myself and all my fellow sheet snobs out there for just typing that. I apologize, but I must confess.... I REALLY love it! Plus it was under $20, which is great for this budget conscious, frugal Momma. One very nice thing about it is that it really fits my mattress well. It isn't made like any other sheet I have ever bought. The sides have elastic all the way around, but it also has a thicker, sturdier fabric around the ends and sides and the sheet is almost like a slip cover. Why is this so exciting for me? Because the sheets stay snug on the bed. One thing I can't stand is sheets that bunch up or come off. I have issues apparently, but I can't get into a bed with the sheets wrinkled up (not to be confused with wrinkled because they sat in the dryer too long. Please. Ironed sheets are pointless. I'm not that messed up!) I like the sheets as smooth as can be, just as if I had just put fresh sheets on the bed. I swear, my husband dances the Hokey Pokey when he sleeps and even through all of that movement these sheets stay super snug! YAY, for my mental health! And Yay for not having to buy a whole set of expensive sheets!
Now, here is the promised after picture of my bedroom. It's still a work in progress but I am really loving the stenciled accent wall! Isn't it lovely?