Sunday, August 31, 2008

Am I Normal ????

Most every one thinks they are normal. I know I always did. Am I a normal person?

I recently decided to take a personality test, because I was wondering this very thing. So I took some simple ones and some more in depth ones online. I found out I am an introvert, and melancholy of which I already knew. A type B personality, a dolphin personality, the color blue (what?) . I also took the MBTI test and found out I am ISFJ ( double what?). Here's what it is in simple form.
I- introvert - where you direct your energy- 25% percent of US population
Energized by being alone, Reserved, less talkative, Able to focus for long periods of time, Learn and work best through reflection, Avoid limelight, Listen more than talk, Respond slowly after reflection, More private, fewer friends. - TOTALLY ME

S- Sensing - how you take in information- 65% of US population
Focus on facts and details, Tend to be specific and can give detailed descriptions, Value common sense and practicality, Oriented to the present, Are direct and to the point, More aware of their bodies and appearance, Like to master established skills, Less likely to have graduate degree, Work at steady pace. - well.... a lot of those fit

F- Feeling - how you make decisions - 65% of women in US population
Focus on people impact, Enjoy pleasing people, Avoid conflict and confrontation, Diplomatic, Often found in helping professions, Tact is as important as truth, Like to give praise, Usually less assertive, Start with small talk first, More sensitive to criticism. -Totally me again.

J- Judging- how you live your life- 50% 0f US population
Like to have decisions made, Plan and organize their life, Driven to complete projects, Like structure and systems (LOVE) , Work first and play second, Neat and tidy work space and car (yeah baby), Like jobs that offer control, Can be uncomfortable with change, Time is taken very seriously. -ALL LIZ THERE
Here is more about a ISFJ personality if you are a nerd like me and want to know more.

Ok. So of the 16 different types in this MBTI test, I fall in the category of about 10-13% of the population, which appears to be the highest category. If this is so, then I am mostly normal right? Then why do I feel so not normal?

So I couldn't find much of anything about my weird mind in the personality tests. This is what makes me question a lot of my normality:
I have a confession to make. Are you ready? I have conversations, and stories, and songs, CONSTANTLY running through my head. Not just conversations that have happened in my life. I make up conversations and scenarios that could have been, may come up, how I would like them to be or have been. Conversations that never will happen. Conversations that happened, but this and this is how it should or could have gone. I often get very worked up about these made up conversations that often times when a conversation I have had with the person goes totally different from what my mind made up that I find myself relieved, or even disappointed. If it isn't a conversation or story, it's a song that goes through my head. Sometimes it gets stuck in the conversations. I wake up almost every night around 4 a.m. and do I get to wake up to peace and quiet? Of course not. I have a song or story tormenting me. All on top of the every day normal thinking.
My mind is almost never at rest. Very exhausting! I dream too. Nearly always I dream. I am very often amazed at the creativity in my dreams.
 It is very very annoying to have a mind like mine. I think the main reason why I LOVE reading so much, is because I have someone else story going through my head, and it all makes sense. It is so relaxing to read. It has to be fiction too, otherwise I have to think too much.
So now I ask again. Am I normal? I've recently found out that my Mom has the same kind of mind. She thinks that a small percentage has the same as us. What about you? Are you just as "normal" as me? I am going to put up a pole for you to vote on. I am interested in finding out.

I can also guarantee that I will be rewriting this post in my mind all night long, and well into tomorrow and possibly the next day. Grrrrr. Being me is a pain.