Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dining Room makeover

Remember my first dining room and kitchen "makeover"? Its been 2 years since I did that. I cant believe it lasted that long. I really hated it.
Here is the before, before picture of the room.
Not too bad. I liked the green enough, but wanted a change. So I painted it yellow, along with my kitchen. Now, I loved the yellow I picked out, but I was trying to go for a tuscan, venetian plaster, Olive Garden type look, so on top of it I used the (obviously) wrong color glaze and it ended up looking more like a bathroom at a Mexican Restaurant. SO HATED IT! Oh and this picture makes it look good. It was awful.
Here is another.
Ahh yes. The curtains looked ok when opened, but close them and WOE!
I wanted to do a faux board and batten in here, but when I had some left over beadboard wallpaper from doing my daughters room (will post that soon I hope) I decided to just use that. I was already in the papering mood and I didnt have to wait for my husband to help with this. I also still loved the original yellow under all that faux crap look so I just repainted it the pretty yellow.
Notice the ceiling? Ya, I hate to edge, so I kept getting yellow on the ceiling. In frustration I decided to paint it yellow also instead of breaking out yet another paint can. I really love it! Its one of the reasons we got smooth ceilings when we had the house built.
This picture below is the best shot I got that represents the true color of the room. Its a yummy, buttery yellow that looks good in all light. The name? Pale Honey in satin- Behr Premium Plus (the primer added one)
I took out the china hutch and it makes this super tiny room look so much bigger.
I cut the wallpaper in 5 foot lengths so its pretty tall. To top it off we bought a contractors size bundle of door casing molding. For $50 of trim we did the dining room, my daughters room, and still have 3 12ft long boards, plus several shorter pieces. Enough I believe to frame out the huge mirror in my bathroom and the normal size one in the kids. Yay! Another project! I really wanted a ledge, but this is way cheaper and I am saving up for a trip to England this fall. (stay tuned for that too)
I want to do something on this wall, but I just dont know what yet. Any suggestions? I have some old blue and white plates that were my moms that I thought about hanging up, but I just dont know. hmmm
You may have noticed that my chairs got a makeover too. I love the change! I got the striped fabric at Hobby Lobby and was able to (barely) get away with only 2 yards. I had a coupon so it only cost me $10 to make over the chairs.
Its so cozy in here now. I may possibly change out those lamp shades. I tried it without them and just dont like it.
My husband some how yanked the curtain rod partly out of the wall. Thats ok because I really want to replace it. It was an uber cheap rod from Big Lots. I found a chunkier one at Hobby Lobby to replace it with.
Here's the before and afters again.

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Jamie said...

Looks great. I would love for you to stop by on Monday to link up your dining room makeover and any other projects you would like to share.

April Says... said...

LOVE the color! Great pick with the chair fabrics! Almost inspiring enough for me to refab my new desk chair...well...not quite (scaaared LOL). :)

simply brookes: said...

saw your blog through a friends. love the new look. light, bright and inviting. wonderful. isn't it fun to do a room facelift?
oh, new follower, too, so i'll be back.

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