Saturday, July 23, 2011

A New Roof

On March 26th we had the worst hail storm I have ever seen. It was actually quite fascinating. I always enjoy seeing hail, especially when its hot weather (yes it was summer like in March), so I was standing at the windows watching it. When I realized that it was getting harder, I shoved everyone out of the way and ran to the front door to capture this video.

Ok, the blogger quality really stinks and it added a chirpy noise, but you get the massiveness, and loudness of this storm. When it cleared up I went out and took some pictures.

I heard there were baseball sized hail down the road. It stripped the trees nearly bare and there was a lovely pine scent to the air when it was all over. Smelled like Christmas. Several weeks later I was driving down the interstate and enjoying the bright green spring of the trees when I came to a section where the trees all looked like it was still winter. I realized it was from this storm.
  Within minutes of the storm passing there were roofer wars going on all over our mailbox. One would put up a flyer and another would come along and take it down and put up his own. Blue tarps and roofer signs were seen everywhere. Now our house is only 5 years old (nearly 6 now) so my husband didnt think anything was wrong. I was concerned with the old outbuilding that came with our property. 
 Well, we did nothing about it, until the appraisers came to appraise the house for a refinance. They noted that we might have hail damage because quite a lot of folks in the area suffered damage from the storm. We couldnt get it refinanced until an inspector came out.. blah blah blah now we have a new roof. The old shed is really the only one that needed to be fixed, but apparently our shingles werent properly installed when our house was built so the roofer we chose talked the insurance agent into replacing it now instead of down the road when it could possibly be worse off. The only damage we had inside was a small water stain in my daughters bedroom ceiling. We figure it was from a vent boot that wasnt properly installed. We were right. 
They finally came and installed our new shingles this week. Here are the before and after pictures.I took the before and after at totally opposite times of day, but you get the picture.


We tried to stick with the same-ish color because we still loved the gray. However the roofer suggested a shingle with a bigger color variation so it looks like it has more texture. Since our property is lower than the road the roof is well seen. I just love it!  

Made me so sad to see my house with the big blue tarp on it :(

Shed -before
  After. I really want to paint this ugly beast. The new roof makes it look so much better already.
This was the best kind of makeover. One where I didnt have to do any work and the insurance paid for it. Yay!


Shannon said...

Since we live in So. Cal. my kids would have been playing in the hail. We are snow deprived. I love the new roof, especially on the "beast." I know some day you are going to make that little diamond in the rough awesome.

Brendan Gertner said...

Hail storms can really be troublesome, as it can greatly damage the roof. It can weather the shingles, letting them lose their mineral granules faster, which can affect its durability. Anyway, the roof looks sturdier now. I think it would be good to check regularly, especially after a harsh weather. So, you can prevent and avoid further damage to the roof.

Hugh Dinatale said...

After extremely bad weather like this, it would be advisable to check around the house for damages, especially the roof because it is that part of the house that protects the whole structure. It’s relieving to know that your roof didn’t get damaged though. Plus, the new roof is looking great! I like the new shingles. They do give your house a livelier look..

Saundra Wordlaw said...

I love your home’s new look! The new roof and the makeover made your house look new and fresh. Everything went well, thanks to your reliable roofer contractor and to your home insurance. Don’t miss a chance to have your roof checked for regular maintenance and cleaning.

-Saundra Wordlaw

Conner Spear said...

A hailstorm is truly dreadful! From the looks of it, that hailstorm may have caused excessive damage on your roof. Asking the insurance for a complete roof replacement, including the shed’s roof, was the right call. Your new shingles look absolutely striking, by the way!

Conner Spear

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