Monday, July 11, 2011

Super Easy Sling Bag

My dear friend recently had a birthday and I wanted to make her something. Because thats what I do. So when I came across directions for a sling bag, I knew that is what I wanted to make her. Have you ever visited the blog "Crap I've Made"? HA! I just love the name, "crap" being my most favorite word and all.
Her directions for the reversible sling bag are so great! Go check it out and make a few. Here is the bag that I made.

Yes, (giggle) that is my 11 year old son holding the bag. He was the only one home to model for me.
 Here is the reverse side of the bag.

I got my fabrics at Hobby Lobby. I love them.

 The only things I did differently is I used my serger to make the seams extra sturdy. I also adjusted the pattern to make it a bit deeper. Simple to do, just moved the cutting line up several inches. Another change I made is I added 2 small, strong magnets to the inside top of the bag for a closure before I turned it right side out. I didnt take any pics of that. So sorry, but I just sewed them up in some scrap pieces and sewed it to the top edge seams. Oh and I also top stitched the edges. Not sure what a difference that makes, but I think it keeps it all together nicely. Thats it. Thanks for visiting today.


teresa said...

sharp. like the top-stitching and magnet closure ideas. thanks.

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