Saturday, July 16, 2011

A little more turquoise

 I have this big ole, silver frame that I got for $10 at BigLots several years ago. At one time it had a quilt square that I had made hanging in it. Then I got tired of that because it wasnt very good. This is the only pic I have of it. You can see it in the bottom 4 pictures. Haha.. look at my craft closet before it got all prettied up!
For a very long time it just sat there on the wall with nothing in it. It didnt come with glass or a backing so I never got around to getting any.  Well I got tired of people asking my what I was going to put in the frame so when I got my Cricut this year I decided to put a crafty quote. My fonts were limited (pre SCAL software) and this was my first project, so its not impressive.
Frame details
Pretty, but time for another change. Since I am trying to introduce more turquoise into the room I got brave and spray painted it with the same paint I used on my little brown lamp makeover.
Here are the results.
I really like the way it stands out from the wall now. Yay!
What a difference some spray paint makes.


Shannon said...

You know I love me some good turquoise. Yummy!

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