Monday, June 6, 2011

Little Brown Lamp Makeover

So I have this little brown, boring lamp. Actually I have the little desk (?) one, a floor lamp and 2 bigger table lamps. They all came in a set on clearance at Home Depot about... oh... 11 years or more ago. Plain, but with sweet lines. Though the shades are quite bland.

I wanted a turquoise lamp in my craft cave and I was not willing to pay $40-$60 for the cheaper ones I found. So, I decided to replace the shiny silver, equally as boring one that was in there with this one  and paint it. I chose a spray paint color simply called "Aqua".
I gave it a couple of coats and I think I must not have shaken the can so well, because some of it looks bubbly and sandy like. Being the lazy crafter that I am I left it alone and just turned that part of the lamp to the wall.
With that painted I decided to give a little attention to the plain Jane shade. I Mod Podged (glossy) some leftover fabric from my wallet project right on top of the old shade.  I didnt take any pictures of that because there are plenty of tutorials on how to cut the fabric and re-cover a lamp shade. Like this one. Which is basically how I did mine, but I decided to Mod Podge instead of breaking out my spray adhesive, which is too messy for me.

 I used 1 coat directly on the shade, add fabric, and then 2 coats which I sanded lightly after the last coat dried. Be sure to iron your fabric before the MP. I dont know if any fold lines or wrinkles will smooth out or not so be on the safe side. Unless of course messy is the look you are going for. 
The shade still looked like it was lacking something, so I added some bead trim that I got super cheap at Michaels several years ago. ahh Perfect! 
 Now the whole thing

I have a hanging lamp on the other side of my room which I had used the trim on a few years ago when I bought it. So now its matchy matchy!... almost
This shade was on a big lamp from my grandparents house. It still had the plastic on it giggle  So it was nice and clean and dustless underneath. I'm just not that into the tone on tone floral pattern. You can sort of see it in this picture.

I will need to buy some more fabric but I held up what I did have and I like it. I like it a lot! I dont think I will be Mod Podging that one though. I will have to break out the spray adhesive for this big guy.
I'll post a picture as soon as its done.
Now go spice up your lamps. Its a cheap, easy, and fun makeover.

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Holly said...

Your "new" lamp is so cute! I love your paint and fabric choices...very fun!

April Says... said...

This is absolutely bursting with awesomeness!! I've been coveting this color for a while myself! enjoy :)

Anne said...

I LOVE the paint color you used for the base. SO pretty!

Dear Lillie said...

so cute!

ralopez said...

I Love the lamps, your color choices are awesome! I'm wondering if certain fabrics can be a fire hazard & if there's a certain kind I should use!?

ralopez said...

I absolutely love everything about the lamps, color choices, fabric etc!
I am wondering if theres a specific type of fabric I should use & if any could be a fire hazard!?

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