Monday, June 27, 2011

Mod Podged Lampshade

 Remember the hanging lampshade from my little brown lamp makeover  scroll to end of post  that I was considering giving a makeover?  I did it! I got some more fabric and Mod Podged the other lampshade in my craft room.
Here it is before-
Here is a closeup of the shade. Lovely, but boring.

Here she is now! Drat I meant to straighten the pic!  Tilt head slightly to the right.. good!

Do you love it? I really messed up cutting it and had to do some stretching to get it just right. I had intended to take the fabric all the way to the top and bottom to cover up the white trim, but... well.. measure twice cut once went through my head about a million times AFTER I cut it. Still, I really love it. It certainly adds interest to the room. I did end up Mod Podging it after all. I just broke out a bigger brush. I only used one coat this time and used a glossy Podge. Because its fabric its not really shiny.
Here is another with the flash on so you can see it with the wall color, which in reality is closer to the red on the lamp than it appears.

Now on to my next project. Working on my "baby" girl's room. Those stripes that I thought I would love are getting on my nerves. Stay tuned for improvements on it. Here is what it looks like now, on a good day. Typically she is my little messy girl.


Shannon said...

I have used Mod Podge before but never thought to use it with fabric on a lamp shade? Great idea. Really cute and creative.

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