Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pearly Diamond Potty Room Paint

  I couldnt think of a title for my post. Sorry. This is the best I could come up with.
So.... I dont think I have ever shown you any of my decorating, and for a good reason. I am not really that good at it. I tend to use things that I already have laying around and just reuse them. I decided a few years back that I just dont want meaningless knick-knacks that I have to dust... I hate dusting! See!
tsk tsk tsk... dont judge now

When we built our house I did all the painting (and priming and caulking and ceilings and trim) and I picked out several different colors. We have yellow, brown, blue, red, green. But strangely my most favorite room is my guest/kids bathroom. Its just black and white... with brown floors (that I hate) and cabinets.
This is also the most put together room that I have. All the rest of the house? I am still scratching my head. While I still have small changes to make for this potty room, I just love the way it turned out.
I decided that for this room I wanted diamond shapes on the wall. I didnt want the pattern too crazy so I thought I would do a tone on tone. I found some pearly white craft paint at Michaels and that is what I used for the diamonds which are painted over Ultra Pure White by Behr Premium Plus.
One of my to-do's is to move that TP holder since this is the first thing you see when you walk into the potty room.
For the diamonds I knew that I wanted half of one at both the top and the bottom and 3 whole ones in between. So I measured the wall above the baseboard to the ceiling and divided that number by 4 (thats 4 diamonds total if you make both the halves a whole). That gave me the height of each diamond from tip to tip. I made a simple template from a cardboard box. For the half diamond I just cut the measurement in half and made a triangle which worked for both the top and bottom. Does this make sense?
I am sure there would have been a better way, but I just traced those templates onto the wall with a pencil. I was so not going to tape the whole room off. It turned out pretty well despite the fact that you can sort of see the pencil marks... its all good. Then I filled in the pencil sketched diamond and triangles with my pearly craft paint. I used a brush and it left brush strokes, so I tried to make sure they all went up and down. It gives it character.. yep thats it.
I kinda went with a French theme too. I dont know why now, but I like it.
The picture below is actually just a frame that I took the backing out of and painted the wall side of with black paint. Now that I have a Cricut I think I will re-do it since the crown came out kinda messy.
If Google translate is right it says something like "The Throne Room", because my mom sometimes called the bathroom that and I thought it was funny.
The shower curtain I made. I got the fabric for super duper cheap. It has a more cream color to it, but I am ok with that. French Toile and Houndstooth.. I love the combo.
This is the sink mirror. I took a lovely mirrored tray and hung it up with some sturdy twill tape. I simply hung it on a screw just above the edge of the sink mirror. Thats another project I would like to do.. frame out the boring builder grade mirror.
Boy you can really see the diamond paint pattern in this shot. Depending on the angle, sometimes you can barely see the diamonds. Especially in low light.
Here is another mirror shot.

And another shot because I have it. That black window mirror was once gaudy gold. A nice bit of spray paint made it fit in quite nicely in this bathroom. Its sister I painted white and hung it in the master bath... for now.
 There you have it. My favorite room in the house.
I was thinking of painting the ceiling a light, metallic gray color. I saw a shade I like by Martha Stewart. I dunno. What do you think?



Shannon said...

It's so pretty! I love the shimmer of the paint and timeless hariquin pattern. It's beautiful great job!

Crystal from Fussy Monkey Business said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!! I definitely doing this in my upstairs bath. This is so beautiful. Will linking back to you on my Friday Faves!! Visiting from CSI!

La-Dee-da crafter said...

Saw you at the CSI project. I love the diamonds and the fabric you used is divine. What a great bathroom!!!!

Alana in Canada said...

Visiting from CSI. Absolutely lovely. I think the right paint on the ceiling would be fabulous.

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