Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cash Envelope Wallet

Just wanted to show you this fabulous cash envelope style wallet I sewed this past week.

I did several searches online to find just what I was looking for. I wanted room enough for my cards, receipts/cash, and great organization. I was hoping to find a free pattern, or just figure it out on my own. I finally came across the perfect wallet, but it was on Etsy (BTW how do you pronounce that?). I figured I could just wing it but realized that there was no way I could do it so nicely on my own. Not to mention the frustration of trying to figure it out. Boy am I glad I didn't. Allison's shop on Etsy, Tres Marias, has the BEST pattern I have ever used. Well worth the $10 for the pattern. The instructions were so easy to follow, understand, and well written. It included several great pictures for reference so that I knew I was doing it right. I really wish she wrote patterns for Simplicity and McCall. A nice plus for me was that I ordered it, went to take my shower, and by the time I came back to the computer she had already emailed my pattern to download. If you don't want to sew one, she makes some super cute ones for her shop.
Dont you love this fabric? Remember my Iron post, where I had my fabric laying out underneath it? Yep this is what I did with it! I got it at Hobby Lobby. If you are wondering why its so shiny, that is because I used a really awesome thing called iron on vinyl. It's just what its called. Basically turns your fabric into a type of oilcloth. Super easy to apply, and I hope it will help keep it stain free. You can sew right through it too. I got mine at Hobby Lobby on the notions wall.
The other side of the envelopes has 3 more card pockets and one big pocket. If I carried around a checkbook it would fit nicely in one of the big pockets. You cant see it here, but there is also a zipper pocket . I hate doing zippers, but the instructions made it so easy to do, and I have never had a zipper look as well as this one did.
Guess that's it!  Check out her great shop, and someone please tell me the proper pronunciation for Etsy!
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bean said...

love! and, if i'm not mistaken - ET-see. :)

Lizzy @My Mind..My Life said...

I finally Googled it. It IS et-see... like Betsy.

jkieviet said...

Tres Maria is closed for the season, do you know of any other way I could get the pattern?

Lizzy @My Mind..My Life said...

Sorry, no. I would try Googling it. I didnt find one I liked when I tried. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your honest and candid review of this pattern. Like you, I thought about searching out a free pattern and came across your site first. I'm convinced - spend the $10 and do it right and easy. The iron on vinyl is brilliant! I just hope the whole project isn't above my sewing level. Off to order the pattern...

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