Monday, March 28, 2011

Drink Identification Signs

I recently helped pour rows and rows of drinks at a church function. We had sweet tea (as all good southerners should), unsweet tea, and water. Well the water was obviously water, but I must have said this is un-sweet tea several hundred times that night. That got old really quick, even though I tried to make it fun and say the water was vodka, which didn't go over so well with some people. So, while I made jokes and got dirty looks for daring to say un-sweet tea, I did some mental crafting. I decided that if I ever volunteered to pour drinks again I wouldnt have to say a word if I didnt want to. Well... thats not true. From my experiences most people are pretty lazy and dont read signs. Anywho. Here is what I came up with.

I got these 5x7, easel back photo frames for $1.48 at Target a good while back. I knew I would never use them as is with the fuchsia, but knew I could paint them. So I paint them I did. I chose black because I figured it would be a good neutral color. We have lots of functions they can be used for.
 I then added some leftover burlap from my Pegboard , which I secured with the fabulous Terrifically Tacky Tape ( or red line as some call it). I left the glass on so that they could use a dry erase marker and change it if needed. My other thought was to use my Cricut and cut the words out of black vinyl. 
I think I may get some cute little 3x5 or wallet size frames and make one or two little ones for myself. I would use it for potlucks so I can write the name of the food on the glass. Another idea would be reusable place card holders. Hmmmm loving this!

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Jenifer Lee said...

Love this and the other ideas you mentioned!

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