Monday, March 21, 2011

Privacy Window Film

 I have had the hardest time trying to cover this big square window in my bathroom with something that I like.
This was my most recent window covering. A heavy brown fabric that I added some fabulous fabric to the bottom of.  I still hated the curtains. It was very dark in there, and I like the light, but being a bathroom and going in and out several times a day, we needed some privacy too. So keeping them open was not an option. I had thought of putting a Roman shade in there and told my husband so. He suggested frosting the window too so they could stay open.

I agreed that was a great idea, so I did some research and decided that etching it was not good, because this is not our forever house and etching being permanent, the next owners might not be so happy with it.
I had decided to get that mirrored film (mirror look on the outside) and make some Roman shades. That film is only good during the day when the sun is shining.
When I got to Lowes I changed my mind again. I found some 24 hour privacy film that is removable, but good enough to be permanent if we want. Plus it cost less and was a bigger size to fit my window without piecing it together. I decided that with this I could just do away with the shade and save money. I would just make a valance out of some fabric I already had. Here are the (poor picture quality) results. This is a night shot.

This is looking in from outside at night. The darker shape is my son standing next to the tub that is under the window. The light to the right is from the closet light with the door open.

This is his shadow leaning in next to the window. Since I never get naked that close to the tub I am not scared... not scared anyways. Anybody seeing this silhouette would not try looking again.
And here it is from the inside during the day. I just made a simple valance with one inverted box pleat in the middle. I had used this fabric before, so it already had 3 of the 4 hems in place (sweet!).
 And here it is with the flash on. The "stained glass" hanging in the window is a real piece of glass, but it is one of those Galary Glass, paint things.  The tealight lantern hanging from the ceiling was $5 at T.J. Max. Not sure if it will stay.
 I made a new valance for my shower too.
The bathroom is much brighter now. The first morning I walked into the bathroom with the privacy film up, I had to back up and shut the door. It was SO bright in there!

 I hate this 8-9 foot mirror. It mocks me every time I step out of the shower. Stupid mirror!
 I had a piece left over so I did the outside door to my garage.

The film was purchased at Lowes. It was about $19 for a big, 4foot wide by 6.5 feet long roll. It requires a spray solution for the installation process. Instead of paying $9 more for the kit, I used a spray bottle with water and a small bit (tsp) or so of liquid castile soap mixed in it. You could use baby shampoo which the manufacturers suggest. It was pretty easy to install.  I suggest having some help though.
I am really enjoying the bright airy feeling of the bathroom now. Only thing I don't like is you can see all the dirt that I thought I had been cleaning up before, but obviously hadn't. 


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