Monday, March 7, 2011

Knit Wire, Beaded Napkin Rings

One day while looking at knitting patterns, I came across a pattern for knitted wire, beaded napkin rings. I found them facinating and never having knitted with wire I decided to bookmark it and try it out. Well it took me a few years to do so, but here are the results.
I made 8 of them. They are really easy and whip up in about 30 minutes each. I used a 32 gauge jewelry wire and I think it was a size 7 needles. The beads were a multi-pack I got at Hobby Lobby. I just randomly strung them on the wire.
 The first one I made was done on the wrong size wire. I got 24 gauge instead of 34. It is much thicker and took me a very long time as it was so difficult to knit. I also added the bigger beads to that one. I didn't have enough bigger beads and couldn't find any to match so that is why I used all little ones on the others. Here is the first (and only) one I did on the 24 gauge wire. I really like the look of it. 
For now it is sitting on the top of a lamp. I think it might make a pretty Christmas ornament too... maybe.


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