Saturday, March 12, 2011

Make your post links open in new window

So I don't know if you see it or not, but I have been making a lot of changes to my blog. I have learned quite a bit of little tricks and tips to make it look better and easier to navigate. If I want to figure out how to do something I just Google it.
Here is my most recent Google search "how to open a link into a new window".  Blogger doesn't have an option for your links to open up in a new window, and I sure don't want my readers to wander away from my blog by clicking on a link I posted and not returning to my post. Sure they can right click and open into a new window themselves, but some people (mom) don't know how or remember to do that.
Its so incredibly simple to do so I thought I would share the info with you. This is assuming you already know how to add a link to your post.
Now lets suppose I want the link for my Photo Blog to open up into a new window. Here is what you need to do-
*Once you have your link added click "Edit HTML".
*Next find your html code for that link. Easy to spot because its all gibberish looking. It will be directly after the last words before your link. In my case its right after "link for my"
*Now paste this code    target="_blank"     just after the second " and before the > mark.
It would look like this in my code //"target="_blank" > Photo Blog
* Click compose and you are ready to finish writing your post.

See! Its super easy. Use the same code every single time and for each link. My OS has a "Sticky Notes" program that I like to use instead of real paper. I just copy and pasted the code onto a sticky note so that every time I post I can just copy and paste it from my computer wall.
For your viewing pleasure I went back and changed all of my old posts links to open up in a new window. Hope this helps you.


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