Saturday, March 19, 2011

Card Game Tins

This project was inspired by my kids. They often come to me for help because the lid to their card game box won't shut, or they cant get the instructions back in the box. The boxes get roughed up, torn, and sometimes the cards get bent by frustrated kids trying to make them fit.

One day when they asked for help I had a great idea. Why not use some of those tea tins that I have been saving.
Yes, I love Earl Grey Tea. Loose leaf. So much better than that powder mess in a tea bag. I drink a cup every night before bed with a couple Biscoff cookies. Its how I unwind, and no it doesn't keep me awake all night.
So obviously I have a lot of tins and I just can't throw them away. They are very useful.
My first idea was to Mod Podge (oh how I love thee) some paper onto it, and then cut the box up and MP that on as well. Here is my result.
The cards fit nicely inside. I had to fold the instructions and the kids weren't so sure that I should be doing that. I had to reassure them that it was fine. I would have Mod Podged the instructions to the tin, but it was double sided. So there is an idea for simple single sided game instruction sheets.
After making the first one I thought, this is ridiculous, why am I doing all of this cutting and measuring when I can just spray paint it! So I spray painted 2 more in white then MP-ed the box parts on. (oops I dont have a pic of that) Later on that night, while I was falling asleep, I thought of an even easier idea. Contact Paper it! Well I ran out of card game boxes so I used an old deck of cards. This was by far the simplest method yet and it only took a few minutes. In fact I forgot about it until just now and I made it while the pics were uploading.
The Contact Paper I used on this one was a "leather" look one. Nice stuff. I then used some Terrifically Tacky Tape to secure the piece I cut from the box. I still think Mod Podge would be a great idea for the box parts. That would protect it and keep it from getting roughed up more.
Here are the 2 spray painted tins and the 1 paper covered tin in a clear, over the door, shoe holder. A wonderful idea I had to put all the small games in it. (though looking around on others blogs I realize I am not as smart as I sometimes think I am because they had the same idea) Keeps things tidy in the game closet.

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