Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Iron

I am one of those girls who hates to iron. My idea of ironing is spritzing a garment with water and tossing it in the dryer. The only time I really iron is when I sew, and I am not an avid sewer... probably because of all the ironing. So my recent purchase really doesnt make sense, but.. heck.. I really wanted this iron.
Que angel choir. I promise I hear it everytime I look at it, and when I got the box in the mail today.
Look at all those steam holes! 400 according to the box. Should make ironing much easier

And here is my old Black & Dekker. I think it is about 13 years old. 
So I got this on sale at Kohls. Of course they like to mark things about 30% more than the MSRP and then put stuff on sale to make you think you are getting a deal. It was $99... that is the MSRP. BUT I had a 30% off coupon, plus a $25 gift card, plus I found a free shipping code (didnt feel like going back to Kohls that day) PLUS I got $10 Kohls cash back. Ends up being about the same price as my old iron and this one is WAY better. One last look shall we?
How do you like those 2 fabrics under the iron? I have plans to make a cash envelope style wallet with them. Hopefully I will get to it this week and post by next week. Thanks for letting me show off my lovely Rowenta.


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