Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Curtain Rod Paper Holder

 I wanted a place to hang some newspapers and packing paper in my craft closet. I wanted it easy to grab so that when I needed to protect a surface, and only think about it when I have a wet paint project already in my hand with no place to set it, I can grab one handed without too much fuss.
I love to use things I already have on hand, so when I noticed several of those cheap, crappy, white metal curtain rods stashed in a corner of my game closet, I knew they would be perfect for the job. I also wanted it to have some grip so all the papers wouldnt fall off when I grabbed a sheet.  I found a bit of skid proof shelf liner left over from the '90's and adhered it with some more of that wonderful red tape.
Here it is attached to the rod with the tape. I wasn't worried about it matching anything because it was going to be covered with paper. I didn't cover the entire rod though.
I hung it up just above my dresser turned work table.
Complete with paper and old comics.
Its very convenient. I already had a chance to use it when once again I forgot to lay something down first before starting a project.
Ugly, yes, but its in a closet, and it works for me.


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