Monday, April 11, 2011

Mini Fabric Bolts

So I have been working on my craft/sewing room for the past couple of months. Its been off an on, but I thought I would start showing you some of the things I have done. In my last non-Photo Friday post you saw my Dresser Makeover. I actually did that over a year (possibly 2) ago. It is sitting in the closet in my sewing room and makes a great addition to that space. However,  just look at the messy state of the fabric in there. This is just one side of the closet. The other side looked just like that! 
It was messy but it really did have some order. See ^. There were denims together, cream fabrics together, whites, plaids, florals, solids.....hey look, I forgot I even had that fabrics, and woe... why is this ugly junk in my stash!
With about 100 comic book boards  ( got mine free from a credit with purchase), and some serious purging and donating, I ended up with this.  ** que angel choir **

 Still in a lovely order and sitting pretty for all to see.This has made such a difference in that closet. I can now see exactly what I have, and it makes me so happy.
I lined the shelves with some of that special, thick liner for wire shelving. You can get it at the hardware store. I even got some at Publix! It helps keep the bolts from slipping through the bottom of the wire shelves. Lucky you if you have wood shelves.
The comic boards are about 7x10in. I just folded most of the fabrics from selvage to selvage, then in half again. I then wrapped it around the board a bit tightly, but not too tight so the board doesnt bend. Sometimes I used 2 for thicker fabrics, or very long yardage. Then secured them with a pin. You could probably use foam core, cereal boxes cut up, or even any boxes cut up.
Give it a try. I guarantee  you will love it!
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