Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sparkly Bright Christmas Tree

I just wanted to give an easy tip for making your Christmas tree sparkly bright. Now I am one who loves for my Christmas tree to be a light source. Meaning I like to have it so bright that no other lights are needed in the room (unless you are reading or knitting..). I cover my tree with so many lights that it looks hideous unless its light up.  Really. Wires everywhere.
Ok. Well maybe its not as bad from a distance, but you have to agree, its much better lit up.
Here she is a few years ago.
I love the LED lights. My tree is pre-lit mostly. Since some strands are burnt out but I added several strands of LED. They really brighten up the tree.
One simple trick I use to make my tree extra sparkly is this: Iridescent cellophane. Seriously. Cut it up into ....oh lets say 12x12 squares or so and shove it into the tree around the pole in the middle. Also in spots that look a little sparse. 
 My incredible sis-in-law taught me this trick, and since she doesn't blog I thought I would share it with you. When people comment on how bright my tree is (hope that's a good thing..hmm) I always point out the cellophane. They never notice it by itself and have to look closely to see it. It really makes the tree glow from within. I suppose you could use a green color too, but the iridescent just reflects all of the colors. I think it makes the tree prettier during the times that it isn't lit up.

  See it? I got my roll of cellophane at Michaels, probably 10 years or more ago. I have been using the same squares every Christmas since.
And now, since I don't want to do a whole post on it, I thought I would show you the outside of my house all lit up. I "invested" in all LED lights for the outside this year. Some of them I got on sale last year after Christmas.
I am loving the brilliant light these LED put out.

Here is my tree from the outside-
Do you have any tips for making your tree extra sparkly and bright?


Deya said...

this tree is beautiful! I want my tree to be that bright and sparkly, but this year we only put one strand of lights on our tree, a bit lazy, but now that there are tons of gifts underand around the tree it makes us even more lazy to go in there and properly light it up.

Melissa said...

Beautiful!! Love the cellophane idea :)

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