Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Canvas Redemption

First of all let me say how excited I am. I just reached 50 followers!!! I never expected to get any, let alone 50.  Thank you all!
So, I had the "bright" idea of taking the calendar pages from my daughters My Little Pony calendar and turning it into cheap artwork for her bedroom wall. The calendar was only a buck last year so the pages are made out of recycled toilet paper.. or something. They are that thin. I thought I would Mod Podge a few onto some 12x12 canvas like I did with my family photos. It didn't turn out so well.
So now I had 2 canvases that were ruined with these ugly ponies on them.
The other day I saw a Facebook post from Mod Podge Rocks (love that blog!), where a blogger took a canvas and made it into a Christmassy scene with scrapbook paper. Here it is.

I pinned it on Pinterest. By the way if you are not on Pinterest you should be. If you are, you should follow me and I should be following you.
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Isn't it adorable? I figured I could do this and hopefully redeem my ugly canvases. I had just happened to buy a Christmas paper pack from Hobby Lobby (50% off).  Here is the worst of the 2 ruined canvases that I used for this project. I tried to peel the page off and that didn't turn out so well either.
I used a paper for the background, unlike the inspiration picture, for obvious reasons. Still, if I had started with a blank canvas I would still use a background paper. I like the look. I used that light green one with snowflakes.
Here is my version. (click on inspiration pic link for directions if you need them)
 I love it! You can still see some of the wrinkles from the pony pic underneath, but its not so bad.
For the tree trunks I used a paper coffee cup sleeve I happened to have. Ric-rack was used for the ground/snow. I Mod Podged and/or glued everything down.
For the tops of the trees I decided to use some "crystal" snowflake stickers I had bought the same time as the paper. Also half off !
Ever go just a step too far in your crafting? I do all the time. I added some ribbon braiding to the side of the canvas and may have gone too far. Maybe not. Christmas  is one time of the year where you can get tacky.
hmmm.  Did I redeem the ruined canvas? I am happy with it.
Thanks for looking.


Shannon said...

You are so creative! I love that you used stuff you already had. Congrats on making it to 50!!! I love your blog and I always look forward to seeing what you are pinning on Pinterest too.

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