Friday, December 30, 2011

Easy way to make pom-poms

I thought I would show you how I make pom-poms like the one I made for my recycled sweater hat.
First I cut a piece of yarn from the same yarn I want to make my pom-pom out of. Cut it about 6-8 inches long. Next slide it between your ring and middle finger like you are flossing your teeth. This will be used later to secure the pom-pom.
Next start wrapping the yarn around your fingers a million times or until it is very thick. Be careful not to wrap up the yarn you flossed your fingers with. A heavier weight yarn (thicker) will work up quicker and take less yarn than a light weight one.  The one I used for this tutorial is a bulky weight (#5) washable wool. It just depends on the look you like. I found that the thicker yarn gives it a fluffier appearance.
When your fingers are nicely cocooned in yarn, cut it from the skein/ball. Now take the two loose ends of your finger floss and bring them up to the top of  your fingers like so.
 Either get a willing person to tie it into a VERY tight knot for you, or gently slide it off of your fingers and tie it yourself. This is what you will end up with.
 Now take your scissors and start cutting the middle of the loops all the way around. This picture shows half of the loops cut.
On this pom-pom I chose to keep the 2 ends from the finger floss long so that I could use them to tie the finished pom-pom onto the top of my hat. You may need to trim up any longer than average ends on your pom-pom. If you don't need the tie just trim it to match the other strands of yarn.
Its really super quick and easy. I made a bunch the other night while watching Netflix. Made with my fingers they are about 3 inch sized pom-poms. Just use less fingers for smaller sizes. No need to buy a pom-pom maker!


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