Thursday, November 17, 2011

Black Christmas Ornaments ?

Have you seen these matte black, glass Christmas ornaments? I found some at Hobby Lobby.
I am not sure how I feel about them. They are definitely not traditional Christmas. I do think they are fascinating though, especially if you have a white and black theme. I put up a small white tree with black ornaments for my guest bathroom but these are too big for it.
I saw once where a lady painted little dots all over it and I thought it was so pretty! I found them on Etsy and she wants $55 for one!!!! EEK!
It really is quite beautiful though. See?

Source: via Elizabeth on Pinterest

I thought I would play around with some, just try them out, and see what I could come up with. Ummmm. Warning! I am no artist so these look more like my kids did it. I figure I could make tons of dots like that solid blue dot one up there. That doesn't seem so hard. I made one with green and red paint pens.
Ya. See what I mean. I am going to pretend that its just whimsical that I was going for and not .. I am bored with this dot making already. That's it. I think I must have gotten a shot of the side that I did last. Surely the other side has perfectly circular dots.
I also thought I would do a poinsettia just to see if that made a black ornament look any more Christmassy. Not so sure it did.
ahhh. Crap-tastic! I never did like coloring. Waste of time that.
This one is my most favorite one of the three that I did. I found some henna drawings and sorta tried to copy it. Its cool, but not really Christmassy.
hmmm. Bad side again.
I think some glitter would be pretty cute on it. (stopping now to go try it out) Here is one I just quickly did with thin double sided tape and glitter. Its an idea anyways.
 Oh mercy... these look awful enlarged! For real though, have you seen these? If so have you ever bought them? Did  you keep them plain? I would love to hear or see what people have done with them. I didn't have any luck with my Google search except that they would be good plain with other solid colors for a sports theme related tree. No thanks.


Average Missy said...

I like them all but I have always been rather fond of black regardless the occasion.

Anonymous said...

I suspect the dotted ornament was done with a tool that manicurists use for those fancy nails rather than a brush, and probably nail polish as well... I like the doubles sided tape and glitter...

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