Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Necklace and Earring Rack From Scraps.

In my last post I told you how my husband and I made bathroom mirror frames using left over boards, from the contractors pack that I bought, for my dining room re-do. Well, my hubster was going to throw away several good size scraps and I rescued them. So glad I did because I decided they would be perfect for a project that I had been thinking of doing for a while now. A rack to hold my non-heirloom quality necklaces and hook earrings.
I started off with just the necklace rack and decided an earring rack would be great too. I found a long-ish board from the scraps that thankfully had straight, not mitered, ends. I had a pack of 100 brass cup hooks that I have had.. pretty much forever. What on earth? So I pre-drilled almost 50 teeny holes into the thick end of the board and screwed in the brass cup hooks. I spray painted it first, and added a second coat to cover the shiny brass cup hooks.
I did the same with the earring holder. I just used some small eye hooks that I had in an old picture hanging kit. I spaced them all about a forefinger width apart. If I did it again I would have spaced it maybe an inch apart instead. This works though.
 After the paint dried I screwed them into the wall. I marked the studs but they were in a weird place so I just used a stud for the center of the boards. For the necklace one I used a long screw in either end and just screwed right into the drywall. Its working quite well.
 I decided to hang them in my closet. There was a long wall without shelves and I figured it was a the perfect place for them.
Thats it. Super duper simple. Incredibly cheap because it was made from leftover parts and ancient hardware. The fun part was hanging up all of my necklaces and earrings.
Boy, most of these picture are pretty crappy.
 Of course I had to hang everything up in almost Rainbow order. Yay!

 Thanks for dropping by.

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simply brookes: said...

love it. great idea and using scraps? genious. i always feel better being just a tad more organized. thanks for sharing. keep it up.

Andrea S. said...

Absolutely love it! Especially the rainbow organization. i need to rework my jewelry solutions too...this is great inspiration.

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