Thursday, August 25, 2011

A new ironing board cover from a curtain panel.

I love my ironing board. Its huge and so wonderful for ironing big pieces of fabric. Unfortunately the fabric was all stained and nasty and just plain boring.
I knew I could make my own, but figured it would be too much trouble. A few weeks ago I decided to see how the old cover was attached. I noticed that it was just a cord that was threaded through the serged edges of the fabric, pulled tight, and wrapped around that little green thingy you see below.
Ok. Easy peasy! I can do this! I pulled the cord out of the old cover to reuse. I then decided that I really liked the fabric of some curtains that used to hang in my craft room that I just wasnt in love with there. It is a thick but soft and durable fabric that would be perfect for my ironing board. So I smoothed out the old fabric as best as I could (I really wanted to iron it out but..) and used it as a pattern for the new cover.
You can see how nasty the old cover was?  I just pinned it down and cut out the basic shape. Next I used my serger to finish off the edges. I then took the old cord and threaded it through the serger stitches on the new cover.
I used this double eye bodkin to pass the cord through the stitches.  My mother-in-law bought me some at Jo-Ann. I usually use it to hide the tale ends of serger stitches back into the stitches.
After it was all threaded I placed it on the ironing board and pulled and pulled then fastened with the green ... thingy. Here it is now
 A super cheap redo and another thing to cross off of my to do list.  Yay!
 oh.. I just realized that I need to re-cover the little hideaway sleeve board too ( its tucked away in this shot) awe man!

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Shannon said...

Super cute. I avoid ironing at all cost, but maybe I would like it more if my ironing board looked like this!

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