Thursday, August 11, 2011

Framed Bathroom Mirrors

So, I told you in my dining room re-do how we bought a contractors pack of door frame molding. We used it instead of chair railing, and looks great. It was only $48 for the big pack and covered my dining room, my daughters room (I promise to post that re-do soon), and my bathroom mirrors. I still have a 12 foot board, and an 8 foot section left, quite a few feet worth of scraps.
Here is my guest bathroom mirror before the molding... you've seen this done elsewhere, no doubt.
The mirror really blended in with the wall.
Here it is after with the molding and some black spray paint.
Such a cheap fix, but what a difference!
My hubby cut the molding and I painted it and adhered it to the mirror. I used an adhesive by Dap called "Strong Stix". The nice thing about it is you dont have to hold it in place or tape it in place till it dries. It sticks right to the mirror as soon as you press the molding with the glue to it.
I had plenty to do my bathroom also. Now the mirror in there is between 8 and 9 feet long (eek) so I told my husband to cut two frames to visually break up all of that mirror. Here it is before.
Now the after!
I decided to spray paint the master bath a brown to match the cabinets. It looks SO SO much better! Now I want to get 2 new light fixtures in there.
Here are a few tips:
Be sure to paint the back side of your molding. Or at least the back half inch or more. You will be able to see the back edge in the mirror.
With that in mind, keep the glue to the outside edge of the molding. The part that is not going to be reflected in the mirror. :) That one I learned the hard way. DUH!

Ahhh the power of molding and spray paint.
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