Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Vinyl Door Decor

In January 2009 I wrote a post about some organizing I had done. At the end of the post I put up some pictures of things to do. One of them was to finish painting the door in my garage red. At the time of the post it had already been sitting like this for 2 years.

Its not that I started painting it and didnt finish. I just used the door to clean off my roller from another door I had painted... gee how lazy. If you have ever painted any large object red, you know what a pain red is to paint, and how many coats you have to do. I hate painting. So I put it off for 4+ years. I had some really great excuses... really... ok I didnt. This post is dedicated to my little sister, who by the way was going to paint that door for me.. see! Good excuse! She never did so...
The other day I decided to finally tackle that door and here she is. ahhhh
I even painted the trim! While I had the white paint out I decided to paint the other side of the door. It went from this:

To ... ta-da!
It makes the room feel so much bigger.

Well really the motivation for painting the red side was because I wanted to use my Cricut, and try out the Sure Cuts A-lot software I had ordered for it.
And let me just say right now that if you have a Cricut, you NEED to get SCAL! It will save you hundreds (or thousands) of $$$$ on cartridges. Check it out, and here is a special link (I just found out I can get a little referral fee if you use my link)
Here is my first attempt. I cant say that I LOVE it, but I like it enough for now. Wishing I had spaced the words closer together though.

Awe, I do feel welcome thanks! I used plain white contact paper to cut it on. Seems to be holding up just nicely. It kinda distracts you from seeing this (on my husbands side) when pulling up into the garage... 

While I was at it I made house numbers for the front door. Before:
And after:

Makes it much easier to see from the road. Which is pretty far from the street.
Thats it! Thanks for reading.


Tina Matteson said...

Your red door looks great. Perhaps between the words "Welcome" and "Home" you could put a small heart to fill the space.

Vernie Herr said...

Haha, that’s a great distraction plan! By putting those white letters against your screaming red door, people would definitely not bother to point out the things in the garage, and would just gush how cute your door looks. Now that I saw your post, I’m also itching to color my door red. =)

Vernie Herr

Alex said...

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