Sunday, May 15, 2011

Book Plates and Lending System : for your personal library

Several years back my incredibly talented Sis-in-law made me these awesome bookplates for my books.

They not only told the person that borrowed it who the rightful owner was, but also had a card in each one that I could take out and write the name of the borrower, title, author, and date they "checked it out" of my library.
Here's my library in case you are wondering why I would need such a thing (and haven't seen this picture already). I have 2 more 3-shelf book cases on the opposite wall.
I suppose I will do another post and tell you how I organize them, but for now...
Because I have all of these books, the ones my SIL gave me didnt go far, and I needed more. Lots more! For some reason at that time I decided every book I owned needed it. Now I just put them in the ones I actually lend.
To make your own you will need library pockets and lending cards. Mine were purchased from my local School Box. The pockets come in super fun patterns and plain colors. The ones my SIL made were black. Very classy and I love them. But School Box no longer carries them in black. I was using the plain manila ones but recently got these!
My favorite so far. For the personalization I have used shipping labels for the printer and printed it up that way. I have also used a card making program so that I could add pictures and print them up, several to a page, on card stock, then glue to the pockets.
The ones above I outlined with a pink marker to make it stand out. 
The back of these pocket are self stick. Some of the plain pockets come without sticky tape. I always add more of my own anyways to be on the safe side.
Peel and stick to the inside front cover of your book. Personally I like to add it to the right hand page in paperbacks because it feels better in the hands when reading.
Add your info to the library card and add to your pocket. Remove it when you lend the book to a friend and keep it in a safe place.
I keep mine in a pencil box along with a pen, the extra pockets, and tape.
Here are a few that I have made over the years.
There you have it. A super simple and attractive way to label your books and keep track of those you lend.

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