Monday, May 23, 2011

A really big, really messy drawer

Its the little things, like this big ole messy desk drawer (its gotta be about 2 feet+ long), that when organized makes me oh so happy!
I promise I didnt mess it up to make it look like that.
OK, so this was pre-blogging that I did this, but it made me so happy that I had to take a picture. Since I saved the pics for so long I decided to share the happiness with you all. Surprisingly this drawer is still just as neat, and the only thing that is nice and neat in my hubby's man cave/office.
HOORAY for organization!


Shannon said...

Just about every drawer in my house looks like your "before" right now. I guess I need to do some spring cleaning or just dump the whole thing in the trash and start over. It's that bad!

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