Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Curtain Tie-backs

When I finally switched out the temporary curtains in my bedroom ( which were hemmed, king size, clearance sheets) I had to add another tieback to each window. Now the ones I had in there were great, but there was only one per window and I liked the look of two. 

The lamp is not a suitable tieback.

I had an idea to look around Home Depot's wood section and see if I could find some wood post toppers, table feet.. something that would do as a cheap alternative to the pricey tiebacks at the store. Thats when I came across these curtain finials on a clearance rack.

A few coats of brown hammered metal looking spray paint and this is what I came up with.

Ok... the pic makes them look silver, but they were more bronze. I had never used this hammered metal spray paint before, but I love the look!

ahhh. much better.

I just screwed them right into the wall. It already had a long screw in the back. Probably should have used an anchor, but so far its holding up nicely.

Here is a before of the room with the old red curtains sheets. 

Then the after with new tiebacks and curtains.


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