Thursday, February 17, 2011

Crochet and Knit Changeable Headband

I had to show you this cutie headband I made my daughter.

I started by knitting an I-cord. This is the first I-cord I have ever made and it was incredibly easy. I learned from Knitting Help, which is where I love to go when I don't know what certain things in a knitting pattern mean. I believe I also used this site to teach myself how to knit.

I knit it onto 2 hair elastics that I had tied into a (I'm guessing) Reef Knot. Looks like this anyways.

You could also sew ribbon to the ends so you can tie it instead of looping it over your head. Plus ties are adjustable so you and your little girl could probably wear them.

I sewed on a few buttons midway between where the top of the head and ear are so that I could "button on" the flowers and easily change them out. The solid white one on the bottom is there more as a spacer. The flowers rest sort of between it and the big one above it.

Here are all the flowers I have crocheted so far. I made a small and large flower of each color so I could mix and match. Super easy to make. Each flower set only took about 30 minutes in all.

I found the flower pattern for the big flower over at The Funky Hooker (hahaha... love it)

 To make the small one I started off like the big one but kinda did my own thing. It made it all ruffly and I am happy with the results.
Here is the pattern for this one:

Round 1 - ch 10, join with slst to 1st ch.
Round 2 - * ch 3, sc in ring. repeat from * 8 chain 3 spaces.
Round 3 - Slst in first ch3 space, ch1 (sc, hdc, dc, trc, dc, hdc, sc) in each chain 3 space, join with a slip stitch into ch1. Finish off and weave in ends.

Thats it. Very easy and fun to make. The flower options are endless. I used Lily Sugar n' Cream yarn for the pink and variegated yarn and the I-cord . Caron Simply Soft was used for the purple. The purple one ended up a little smaller but felt so nice to crochet. I also used a G hook and I think a size 5 (not too sure) DPN for the I-cord.

Here are a couple more headbands I made this week too. I used You Seriously Made That? pattern. The white one I sewed some buttons in the middle of the flowers.



Life in Rehab said...

This is such a fantastic idea! I love the interchangeable flowers. Pardon me while I forward this to my teenaged daughter...

Alison @ said...

I love these!

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