Friday, January 20, 2012

Valentine Day Tree

I still don't have a box or place to store my bedroom Christmas tree so I decided to keep it there another year. Or until I get sick of it and force myself to deal with it. But I love it so much. It fills a corner of our big room and puts off a lovely glow. So I decided to go ahead and decorate it for Valentines Day using stuff I already had. I just took down all of my Christmas decorations today. Yes. I just didn't feel like dealing with the stuff. Such a hassle!
It is really hard to photograph this tree. I think it is always much nicer than the pictures show.

 I am not a very good bow maker but it works. I bought this pink glittery ribbon at Michaels on clearance after last Christmas.
 Since this tree had some pink balls on it already from the Christmas decor I just left them on and hung up some little pink hearts I bought at Big Lots last year.

 Under the tree I put some pink tulle on top of the white fabric skirt that was already there. Under it is just a small string of lights I had put there at Christmas.
Here it is with the flash on so you can see all the pinkness. My daughter just LOVES it!
That's about the only Valentine decorating I will do. Simplicity. I figure since I have the tree up already it might as well be put to a good use.


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