Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Toiletpaper Tissues

I found something the other day, while browsing the internet, that made me say...duh! Of course I didn't bookmark it.. duh.. and now I can't find it but it was so smart. Maybe it was something on Pinterest? Anyways, this person took an old tissue box and put a roll of toilet paper in it to use as tissues. Now maybe I am slow and you all are saying,  duh Lizzy! That is soooo last year! Well, it was new to me. I have had to resort to using toilet paper as tissues before, and maybe that is all you use to blow your nose, but this made it seem more sophisticated. I had to try it. Here is what I did.

Take a roll of toiletpaper and cut out the tube in the middle. I used my fingers to loosen it up a bit first so I didn't cut the toiletpaper.

Those are my awesome $4 blue, flannel snowflake pants. Yay for sales! I also got a bright green pair :)

Now pull out the tube,  It came out quite easily, and ooooo look! Select-a-size tissues! A size for all sorts of snotty/boogery situations.

Instead of reusing an old tissue box, like the post I read did, I used a metal tissue box cover I had picked up at Big Lots last year. It was super cheap.. maybe $2. I like box covers for my tissues because I can't stand it when you get to the end of the box and you go to pick up a tissue and the whole box comes with it. The cover keeps things where they belong, on the table/counter/dresser...etc. Also, it works nicely to cover up that roll of toiletpaper! See! The roll is a perfect size.

I could probably even get one of those massive jumbo rolls and it would fit. This roll is big and one step down from jumbo.

Well, there you have it. Simple. 
 I didn't do the math, but this should be cheaper than a box of tissues (up to 10x according to something I read). Of course it depends on the brand you like to use. I don't like John Wayne toiletpaper (rough and tough and don't take no crap from nobody) so I get Charmin Strong.  I always hate to buy tissues because of the price. I wish I had seen this a long time ago.

Oooh! I just thought of something. You could use this instead of a toiletpaper holder if you have one of those awkward bathrooms that have no place for a paper holder and your only option is the back of the door... or whatever.

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Unknown said...

Brilliant! ...John Wayne tp Hahaaaaaa

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