Friday, January 27, 2012

Tube Map Brooch

I have an incredibly talented Sister-in-law. Her name is Amy and she is amazing. She is my inspiration for many things in life including being crafty and decorating. Which I stink at, but she inspires me. Unfortunately she doesn't blog. Shes a busy, homschooling momma to 2 of the most adorable, active little boys I know. I just love going to her house and looking around at all of the awesome ideas, new and old, that she comes up with. I told her I was going to blog about her house occasionally. This post is not about her house, yet, but about a birthday present she made for me this month.
You may remember that I went to England this Fall. Amy was one of the 7 ladies in our group that went. We had such an amazing time and formed memories to last us forever. Well for my birthday she made me this brooch. It is all about some of those memories from our England trip.
 Now to you this may just be a lovely little brooch. To me it represents the most amazing time of my life!
Its a London Tube map! I love how she added that to the back.
 I am not exactly sure how she made it, but I do know that a printer and Mod Podge was involved.
You may be wondering what the Waitrose thing in the middle is? Ok.. this may seem silly but it is from a grocery store that we fell in love with. A grocery store you say? Yes. It was AMAZING! I loved seeing all of the different foods that they sell and the freshness of those foods. There was no yellow cheese there. Yellow cheese is not natural and since I am trying to be more natural I was amazed. It doesn't take much to amaze me.
 This little green disk was given to us when we were paying at the check-out. It was basically a vote for which charity you wanted to receive a big donation. This is a copy of that token but it brings fond memories of our visit. Waitrose was about as exciting to me as Stonehenge. I kid you not. ( If you are from the U.K. please don't make fun of me. It was amazing I say!)

I have worn it like intended. Pinned to my shirt.

And also pinned to the side of a necklace. like so.

 Or my favorite, this blue beaded one.

Isn't Amy awesome?


Shannon said...

It is sure to be one of your most treasured pieces. So thoughtful! What great memories of your amazing trip.

By Nela said...

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