Wednesday, September 21, 2011

100th post!

I have been putting this post off for a while. I figured that my 100th post should be super special. Since I can't figure out a super special project that I have done which is worthy of #100 I just decided to post a few pictures of things I have made. They are not worthy individual posts for each one, and probably not of post #100.
I may not post again for a few weeks. I will be leaving in one week for England and I have been super busy preparing my household for my departure. Gahhhh! I can hardly stand the excitement!

Here is a bag I made. I had hoped to bring it to England with me, but it just isn't as comfortable as I had hoped it would be, which it has to be if I am going to tote my camera around in it. Look how cute it is though!
I love this big button. I found it at Hobby Lobby near the curtain rods.
I just made a pattern by tracing a bag I bought online. Super simple.
Next up, a tutu I made for my friends baby. I just used elastic and spool tulle from Hobby Lobby.
Take the desired length of elastic and sew ends together. I have no idea what age child this will fit, and since she wasnt born yet I just guessed. Slip knot lengths of tulle around the elastic. I did pink, orange, pink, orange, etc. Another super simple project.

 I might have to turn one into a lamp shade.It might work. hmmm.

I found this 5 light, crystal chandelier at Lowes for only $75! Down from like $300. I snatched it up. I decided to hang it in my daughters bedroom for now. She said she would like it better if it had pink on it, so I bought some plastic "crystal" beads and made my own dangles. She loves it!
And finally, I re-covered a wrist pin cushion to match my sewing room. It was a navy gingham. Just a scrap of fabric, hot glue, and a ribbon. Cute.

Thats all. See you in a few weeks!


Shannon said...

How fun! I love the adorable owl bag. Congratulations on your 100th post!

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