Friday, November 7, 2008

Fall 2008

Just thought I would show you some pictures of Fall around my house. The trees are especially beautiful this year, maybe because we got a lot more rain than we have in awhile.. not sure.
Anyways here are my pics.

This one is looking out my front door

This is one of my favorites. I was getting the mail and I looked down the road and saw this tree smiling at me. It said please take my picture. I said... But I am in my pink jammies.. It said.. so.. So I did.. I love it.

This tree on the right, I can see from my front porch.
This is in the neighbors yard, but its so beautiful. Its even more on fire when the sun is setting and bouncing off the leaves.

Now this one is just a pie pumpkin sitting on my piano, until I can cut it up and make a pie out of it. Mmmmm.

This one below isn't at home, but at Uncle Bobs Pumpkin Patch. These were some HUGE pumpkins and then of course my sweet punkins in the background.

These were taken on my way home from the church fall festival. I pass by this lake every time I go to church, and this time I actually had my camera with. So I stopped and took these last 2 pictures.


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Those are just gorgeous!

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