Friday, September 5, 2008

Playing with my camera

I love my camera! I have a Cannon Digital Rebel XT, and it is so much fun. It always makes my amateur pictures come out nice.
Lately I have been interested in Astrophotography, and night time photography. While I still don't know a lot about taking pictures, I have had fun learning. I would like to take some classes to find out even more, but for now doing a Google search has helped a lot. Here are some of my first attempts at taking night time shots.

This picture below is obviously the moon. I don't have a super zooper zoom lens,but my 75-300 mm zoom along with cropping made a pretty good shot. I am so excited since I have never been able to see anything more than a bright blurb of the moon in previous attempts. By using a tripod and a cable release, and not letting the shutter stay open for very long I got a pretty passable shot for a novice. If I do say so myself.

This next one I let the shutter stay open a lot longer. You can see the difference in that the sky appears lighter . As a result, you can see the rest of the moon. You couldn't see it looking up at the sky. I found out this is called Earth shine. It is the sun reflecting off the earth onto the moon.

My ultimate goal is to take a very long exposure of the stars so you can see a big star trail. With this next photo I left the shutter open for as long as I could before a car drove by and ruined the shot. You can see the stars look like lines. That is not camera shake, but the earths rotation causing the stars to look like thy have moved across the sky. When I find a place that is dark enough with no cars or such to ruin the picture then I will post it. I still need to read up on my camera settings though.

This one is just a shot of my front walkway. I though it would make a cool picture. Its fun and different like me.


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